Welcome, Are you looking for translation of your documentation, press release, website, brochure or product description? Do you need someone to build up a terminology data base? Do you require proof-reading of your texts? Do you want to improve your English skills or need support to deal with your English- (or German-) speaking business partners or customers?
Alexandra Korte
Well, here you are. I am a graduate technical translator with a degree from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany and a long-standing love for the English language. I combine German accuracy and integrity with a near-native level of English language skills and a cheerful interest in all language matters. Please, get in touch with me to discuss your individual language needs. I look forward to hearing from you! A short note: to our slow human eye most things seem to be solid and set in stone. In fact, they are not. And just as fluid as everything else, and maybe just as unnoticed, this website is subject to constant change.  
 English to German
I am a member of ADÜ, the association of translators and interpreters in North Germany